CONCERNS have been raised after students were left unable to get the bus to college due to social distancing rules.

The number of people allowed on public transport is limited due to the two-metre rule, but parents say it has left their children stranded as additional services have not been supplied.

Kim Jones’s son Dylan Evans attends Yale College in Wrexham, but for the last two-weeks has been unable to get on the bus.

She said: “This is due to buses being full when they get to Johnstown.

“I’ve had to start work later because he’s just been left stood there and he can’t get any buses so I’ve had to take him.

“You can’t get through to Arriva either to find out why they aren’t putting any extra services on. The college pays for a bus pass for him and for many other students but it’s a waste of money because no-one is getting to use them.

“You have a group of people waiting for the bus in Johnstown and none of them can get on because it’s already too full.

“There are no problems coming home, it’s just getting there.

“My son has to get to college on time, 9am to start his lessons, and if he is late he would lose his EMA payment for that week and would have to appeal with student finance.

“He has learning difficulties and this is causing him a great deal of stress and anxiety but he still goes out to catch the bus every morning, even though standing there for over an-hour-and-half has an impact on him.

“He has ADHD and Aspergers and waiting long periods in crowds affects him but all he wants to do is lead a normal life and be independent - why should he have to pay for a taxi to get to college in time?”

Kim said there has been outrage on social media with other parents in a similar position.

She added: “It’s not only affecting him but me also, I’m a key worker and I’m having to start work later to be able to take him to classes.

“What’s the point in him fighting through his anxiety to go and get the bus, when he can’t even get one. He’s trying to be independent but it’s frustrating.

“One person has said they have managed to speak to Arriva who said they are unable to provide extra busses on this main route in to the town centre.

“I am aware due to covid 19 restrictions there is only 22 allowed on a normal bus and 44 on a double decker, but surely Arriva should have had a plan in place for high demand routes before college started as they have had time to solve this very predicted issue.

“Also my son has a bus pass provided by college so the college is also losing money as the students are unable to use the pass, this money could support students who need it the most.”

A spokesman for Arriva said: "Arriva enhanced our services in North Wales, on 30th August 2020 with support from the Welsh government.

"In Wrexham, this change included the increasing of a number of our local services and ensuring there are additional vehicles added to the network specifically to help school movements. We are currently reviewing passenger data and working with the relevant stakeholders to understand the performance of the network since schools and colleges have returned for a new academic year.

"Where appropriate, this will lead to our buses being moved to areas where there are capacity issues.

"We are planning to implement additional changes to this particular bus corridor, to further support capacity needs in the morning and afternoon. When this service improvement is in place, we will ensure our website and app are updated for the benefit of our customers seeking helpful service information."