WE asked Leader readers their thoughts on whether first aid should be taught in schools.

Children who returned to schools across England earlier this month, will now be learning life saving skills as part of the curriculum, after ten years of campaigning from the British Red Cross and other organisations, the charity is still calling for first aid education to become compulsory in all Welsh schools.


As Curriculum for Wales 2022 was published in January, proposals to include life saving skills and first aid for a minimum of one hour a year, every year to empower a future generation of lifesavers, without making them mandatory on the curriculum received a cautious welcome from leading health charities in Wales.

Here is what some of our readers had to say...

One reader, Tomme Da, said: "It's much more useful than half of what’s taught now.

"There needs to be more emphasis on usable skills."

Another reader, Ally Morrison, added: "What better skill is there than saving a life?"

Kath Newell said: "Seeing as I learned algebra in school and have never used it since, I think that life skills and basic first aid should definitely be taught."

Kelz Diane Gregson echoed: "Absolutely it should be taught, along with sign language."

One reader, Ann Miller, said: "As most first aid qualifications are renewable every three years, perhaps it could be offered as a lunchtime extra by an outside trainer."

Another reader, Val Bradshaw, added: "It's a great idea."

The majority of readers, including, Caroline Thomas, Dot Barker and Frances Collings, all supported the British Red Cross with their efforts in making first aid education compulsory in all schools across Wales.