VOLUNTEERS have been thanked for giving their time to help a community project.

In 2018 Vicki Roskams launched a campaign in a bid to reopen the John Summers Clock Tower site to benefit the whole community and beyond.

After a number of hurdles, including the land being put up for auction and countless acts of vandalism, the community project has now received some good news.

Volunteers get together on a Saturday morning to work on the iconic gardens, thanks to recent funding.

The team meets at 10am to 2pm on a Saturday morning to help with the gardening and general tidying up of the area.

The volunteers have been thanked for working 'unbelievably hard' and helping with an 'amazing transformation'.

Vicki previously told the Leader: “There are many strengths in the local community, of which a strong sense of place and shared history is vitally important. Most local people have strong family links to and a deep emotional connection with the John Summers Building and the steel industry no matter what background they come from, or what barriers they face.

“This project seeks to harness this passion and allows them a place to reflect and move forward.

“We know that many charities and community organizations across Wales are facing increasing challenges as a result of COVID-19. Therefore, we are so grateful of this award from The National Lottery Community Fund. We are now excited to get started and to see the Gardens come back to life for the local community to use.

“If you would like to get involved, please contact us by calling 01244 560644 or email volunteer@enbarrenterprises.com.”