THE INVESTORS who want to buy Wrexham Football Club are "community focussed" and like the idea of giving an "underdog" a "real opportunity to progress".

The club has been approached by two "extremely well-known individuals of high net worth" who are looking to purchase the entire shared capital of Wrexham AFC Limited.

As well as the purchase of Wrexham AFC Limited for a nominal sum, they also intend to immediately invest £2 million into the club for the purposes of taking it forward as a business and as a successful football team.

A Special General Meeting (SGM) of members has been called by the Wrexham Supporters Trust Board (WST), to be held on Tuesday September 22 from 7pm, following the approach to purchase the club.

The investors wish for their identities to remain anonymous until WST members have authorised the board to proceed with discussions, and director Spencer Harris, who said the offer is "entirely credible", was not at liberty to reveal who they are.

When asked why people would want to invest in a non-league club given the current economic climate, Harris added: "That will be a question for them.

"But the people who are involved are very community focussed and like the idea of taking a community and its football club, taking an underdog, and giving it a real opportunity to progress.

"I don't think that you would ever get any promises off anybody - whether that be the Trust or any other owner of the football club - about where it can go but that is the type of people they are from what we can see."

Mr Harris insists the Trust still has a part to play in the club's future.

"Absolutely, but the proposal is that they would be looking to take on 100 per cent of the shareholding," he added.

"With a 100 per cent shareholding in the club, they would be the people - or the representatives on their behalf - making the decisions to take the club forwards."

"It is our belief that these are entirely credible people. Should supporters wish us to continue to talk to them, and should this progress, then there will be a decision to be made at that point.

"But I can't reiterate enough that there are many things that need to be done to get to a point in which somebody has even got a decision to make.

"It is great that supporters know early but that will come with some challenges."

He added: "We do understand that people will be desperate to know who it is but we are not at that stage of the process yet.

"I can understand some people might be very frustrated by that and I can only apologise.

"But we are covered by a strict MDA and no member of the Trust board or the football club board is able to share who the people are at the moment.

"That is normal business practice but quite rightly, our ownership structure means that we need to keep fans engaged.

"We need supporters to stay patient with us and if they vote and they want us to continue to hold discussions before a second SGM to make a decision, then at that point we would need to share who the people are.

"And those people would need to tell supporters what their plans are."