WREXHAM AFC has been approached to be bought by two "extremely well-known individuals of high net worth", the Leader can reveal.

A Special General Meeting (SGM) of members has been called by the Wrexham Supporters Trust Board (WST), to be held on Tuesday September 22 from 7pm, following an approach to purchase the club.

The investors, who wish for their identities to remain anonymous until WST members have authorised the board to proceed with discussions, are looking to purchase the entire shared capital of Wrexham AFC Limited.

The club described the investors as "two extremely well-known individuals of high net worth, advised by credible and professional advisers".

As well as the purchase of Wrexham AFC Limited for a nominal sum, they also intend to immediately invest £2 million into the club for the purposes of taking it forward as a business and as a successful football team.

The WST and external professional advisers say that the indicative offer is "entirely credible" and that a credible potential offer of investment of the "magnitude" of £2 million should be assessed and negotiated, so that a firm proposal can be placed before the members as rapidly as reasonably possible.

However, The initial SGM is not to discuss in full detail or approve/disapprove the investment.

Following the passing of Resolution F at the annual general meeting of members on Monday June 25, 2018, and of Resolution E at this year’s special general meeting, these provide guidance for the board as to how such approaches should be dealt with.

At this stage, the WST board must seek approval of the members to actively pursue discussions regarding the offer. This is notwithstanding the fact that the terms of the offer may not be entirely consistent with a strict interpretation of the WST’s constitution and the previous resolutions.

The Resolution is in three parts and you have to approve/ disapprove all three parts as a single voting item.

1. Notwithstanding the Previous Resolutions the board of WST or sub-groups of the board (and advisers) be authorised to discuss the Offer with the Investors in order to negotiate a detailed heads of terms for a potential transaction with the intention that, once a detailed heads of terms is negotiated, the board of WST will call a further SGM for members to accept or reject the Offer. Acceptance of the offer would be by an extraordinary resolution.

2. At an SGM called for approval of the Offer, WST board will provide all appropriate information regarding any offer to members. The Investors will be permitted to present their vision for Wrexham AFC Limited to the members in writing or by audio visual means.

3. The board of WST be authorised to engage appropriate professional advisers, subject to controlling any exposure as to costs.