Family memories, from Fay Hampson

Thank you, Mr Peter Guntrip, for submitting this wonderful photograph of the staff of my grandparents’ bakery in Charles Street, in Wrexham, to the Leader 33 years ago.

The photograph was taken more than 90 years ago! My grandparents, Herbert and Mary Hampson, were early embracers of motorised delivery vehicles but at the time of this photo they still had horse-drawn vans.

Alas, no photos of them, but I do remember my grandfather, knowing of my passion for horses, taking me to the site in the middle of Wrexham where his former stables had been. I was entranced! He told me that at one time he had seven horses. He retained one, and Dolly was used during the war when petrol was rationed.

My grandfather devised a blend of flour which he called 'Merlin'. I think this is the only surviving tin (pictured below). Are there any more out there?

The Leader:

I make bread in it and it is always a thrill to see how well 'Merlin' has turned out on the side of the loaf.

Grandma gave it to me after Grandad died aged 96 in 1982. She knew I made bread and she gave it to me saying, “I knew Bert was poorly because he hadn’t done his geraniums".

What geraniums had to do with breadmaking I’m not quite sure, but I always remember her words.

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