A COUNCIL'S approach to covid-19 recovery has been "well structured and thought through" councillors are to be told.

Flintshire Council's audit committee will meet this morning (Wednesday) to receive a quarterly update on the authority's response to the pandemic.

A report to the committee explains: "Since mid-March the council has been engrossed in responding to the emergency caused by the pandemic.

"The council is now in transition from responding to the disruption caused by the pandemic to planning medium and longer-term recovery.

"We have developed a suite of business recovery plans and recovery risk registers with mitigation actions for the corporate organisation and for each of the five service portfolios.

"Most services have now resumed according to national guidance on health and safety and occupational standards.

"The remaining services - such as the full resumption of libraries services and the reopening cultural services are subject to national direction." Alongside the report is a letter from Audit Wales, which sums up its early conclusions based on its ongoing monitoring of the council's covid-19 recovery.

In it, audit manager Jeremy Evans writes: "From the work that Audit Wales has undertaken to date, I am assured that Flintshire County Council’s recovery from the impact of the pandemic has benefited from strong and consistent leadership, particularly in planning and decision making.

"There has been a drive to engage and lead regional groups which is positive. Internal and external communication has been very strong and is to the council’s credit.

"I consider that the council’s approach to recovery is well structured and well thought through. The council has taken the time to reflect on its response actions and learn from them.

"As a result, should it be necessary to revert to response mode to manage any resurgence of the virus, the council will be better placed to deal with the crisis than it was before."