CONCERNS have been raised over an 'eye sore' that is causing a safety hazard in a local town.

A telegraph pole was placed in Henrietta Street in Shotton earlier this year but suddenly became an eye sore and a danger to pedestrians.

Cllr Mike Evans said it was placed right in the middle of the pavement and calls were made to get it moved.

It was finally removed this week, but Cllr Evans said it was 'unbelievable', the telegraph pole was in a different place, but still remained in the middle of the pavement.

He added: "It was not just a eye sore, but a hazard to pedestrians and even worse for wheelchair users and pram users etc.

"On behalf of the residents and common sense, I asked Susan our Clerk to ask for it to be removed.

"It finally was removed on Wednesday (two months later) and relocated 10 metres further up the pavement and still directly in the middle of the pavement.

"All lampposts and telegraph poles are usually tight against a wall away from causing any obstruction, this isn't a replacement pole but a brand new one.

"I wonder how much this has cost, and who ever planned to put it there. Obviously I'm lost for words but it needs removing ASAP.

"This is no joke, it's unbelievable, I've contacted our Clerk and asked to have it removed ASAP."

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: "Flintshire County Council will undertake an inspection to determine if its current position causes a danger to the public, and liaise with the utility provider who have carried out the installation."

Open Reach has been approached for a comment.