CALLS have been made for a 'u-turn' after reports of students receiving A-level grades lower than they expected.

This week, Scotland's Education Secretary John Swinne announced exam results downgraded by a controversial moderation process will revert to the grades estimated by pupils' teachers.

Flintshire councillor Paul Shotton said he feels something similar should happen in Wales.

He said: "Whilst congratulations are in order for the students who did achieve their expected grades, I feel the Welsh Government should follow the U-turn announced by Scotland's education minister - which would mean tens of thousands of students will have their results upgraded. "There should not be a postcode lottery that hits students from deprived areas.

"Students have faced enough mental trauma with covid-19 without having to face more.

"Our heads and teachers need our support and confidence in the difficult work they have to do. "There have been too many inconsistencies in the standardisation process."

Cllr Shotton, who is a governor at a number of schools, continued: "I have been hearing expectations of A grades and they have been downgraded to lower than what they had expected. "It is very demoralising."

A Welsh Government spokesman said: "Data published by Qualifications Wales today shows that approximately 94 per cent of the grades are the same as or within one grade of the Centre Assessed Grades.

"This is before any adjustments are made as a result of the AS floor announced yesterday by the Minister for Education.

“We have also asked Qualifications Wales to consider whether the grounds for appeal can be broadened for all A level, AS level and GCSE qualifications and we expect to provide more information on this next week.”