A WREXHAM woman whose father was held as a Japanese prisoner during the Second World War has slammed Wrexham Council for failing to organise anything to mark the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Japan.

Victory over Japan (VJ) Day - marking the end of the Second World War - takes place this Saturday (August 15) and Christine Lindgren, from Marchwiel, says it is "breaking my heart" that Wrexham Council has nothing in place to mark the occasion.

This is contrary to Flintshire and Denbighshire councils who both will be raising the Union Jack flag and the Flag of Wales outside their respective county halls in Mold and Ruthin.

Mrs Lindgren's father Wilfrid Miles served in the 8th Coast Regiment Royal Artillery, and fought and was captured by the Japanese during the Second World War.

The Leader: Wilfrid Miles and wife Helen on their wedding day.Wilfrid Miles and wife Helen on their wedding day.

She explained: "I find VJ Day a particularly difficult one - the day I remember my father and his comrades who fought and were captured by the Japanese in 1941.

"My dad all the thousands of prisoners from 40 commonwealth countries suffered the brutality, torture, starvation and disease at the hands of their captors, the Japanese Imperial Army.

"It's an understatement to say it saddens me that we have not been able to officially commemorate VJ day on this the 75th anniversary of the real end of the Second World War - Wrexham Council should hang their head in shame.

"Whilst I understand we are in difficult times, VJ Day is also important and needs to be acknowledged. Everyone went all out for VE Day despite the restrictions, and now nothing.

"It just seems that the term the forgotten army is what these heroes are."

Wrexham Council has been approached for comment.

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