The archives at the Leader are are absolute treasure trove of memories.

Our negatives are a glimpse at the many changes across the decades, from hair and fashion, to our high streets and landmarks.

But these were long before digital, and details can be scarce.

That's where you come in.

Here is just a small sample of photos missing details in some way but can you help provide the information?

If you have any information on the missing details, please email

If you would like to share your own photos or memories, you can fill in our simple Q&A online or email

• The photo below is in our archives minus its sleeve, so no who, what, where, when. It was loose in the box of mainly 1992 negatives.

It's been a popular year for our looking back pages recently, so a high possibility. But who are these bookworms and where are they?

The Leader:

• This next image definitely has more questions than answers. With incredibly little to go on except the date and a caption of 'little girl', do you know who this young lady is, pictured in 1965, or why she was photographed?

The Leader:

• Lots of information was provided for our next photo, except the year. Can you help pin that down? Holywell Town carnival queen, Andrea Griffiths, with the princesses Rebecca and Charlotte, and page boy, Daniel Jones.

The Leader:

• It's a missing date that stumps us with our next image too, with the caption simply reading 'St Joseph's Summer Fete, Sontley Road'. Were you there, are you pictured?

The Leader: