THE capacity of The Racecourse will be cut to 2,600 when Wrexham kick-off the 2020-21 season.

Fans zoomed in to the club's Annual General Meeting on Saturday when financial director Mark Williams outlined the changes facing the Reds because of the coronavirus crisis.

The upcoming campaign is set to start on Saturday October 3 but with restrictions in place because of the pandemic.

And due to social distancing measures, the amount of supporters attending matches will be vastly reduced for the Reds who attracted a crowd of nearly 6,000 for the win over Barrow on the opening day of the 2019-20 campaign.

“Initially, our capacity will be reduced to 2,600 people,” said Williams, who confirmed that all three stands will be open.

“That is our initial view of it based on what we can see around the stadium and what other clubs have done.

“We are assuming that restrictions will be lifted in the new year and then we will be able to accommodate additional spectators."

The National League, due to release the fixture list on September 8, has recommended clubs do not sell season tickets for the 2020-21 season.

Wrexham are not in a position to sell fans their usual seats but the club will retain details for future seasons.

“We had a meeting with the National League on Thursday,” said Williams.

“All clubs had a zoom call with them and they recommended not to sell season tickets for next season.

“Therefore, it is likely that we will not be able to sell their usual seats but we have got the records of the season just gone so when football returns to normality and we have got no restrictions in the stadium, we will be able to introduce your seats back again.

“But for next season, we are social distancing and with restrictions in capacity, we will pick seats which will maximise our capacity and then it will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

“Some people might get lucky, their seat might be available, but it is done so we can maximise the amount of people into the stadium in a safe manner whilst adhering to all local and government guidelines.”

Williams outlined plans to introduce blocks of tickets initially - 10, 10 and 3 games - and switch to season cards if restrictions are lifted.

“We are probably going to introduce a block of tickets,” said Williams.

“We will initially sell a block of 10 which will cover the first 10 league games of the season.

“Then part way through the season we will do another 10 and then finally we will do another three.

“That’s our plan at the moment; rather than do all 23 league games, if restrictions are lifted then it gives us more flexibility.

“If all restrictions are gone by January, we can then probably introduce your seats again so by doing 10, it just gives more flexibility."

Wrexham will be required to appoint a Covid 19 Officer and Medical Officer.

The return to football is done in four stages - return to training (no contact), return to close contact training, return to competition but no spectators (pre-season) and return to competition with safe return of spectators.