New comics coming to RBdigital

We are delighted to announce that from August, there will be 1,000 additional comic titles from across the globe for you to select from your RBdigital library. A new publisher to the list is the fantastic Image Comics, with titles such as Star Trek, Descender, The Walking Dead, Invincible and Spawn Origins Collection; plus new titles from Disney, Dark Horse, and Idea and Design Works. To access this great free offer just visit our website and follow the online services link.

New magazines coming to RBdigital

UK publishers Kelsey Publishing Group and Anthem have added 50 new magazines, providing something new for borrowers. Some of the new titles include Your Home, Fast Car, Home Style, Clay Craft, Web Designer, Vegan Food and Living. To access this great free offer just visit our website and follow the online services link.

Order and Collect service

Did you know reading can help you be more empathetic? Reading is a way to escape your own life, and can take you to faraway lands, other times, and put you in other people's shoes. If you would like to escape get your books from your local library today! Visit for details on how to order and collect your favourite books. The best book you've ever read is just a click or phone call away.

Debut novels on BorrowBox

Heralding fresh, electric, and diverse new voices in fiction, BorrowBox have a great range of talented debut authors available for you to loan for free. They've rounded up their favourite debut releases of 2020 perfect for a broad range of genres, interests, and demographics. Be transported from the American West, to Lagos and Russia all through the click of a button. Visit our website and follow the online services link.

Universal Skills - Universal Credit and Job Match

Wrexham Library Service has a resource which takes you through making a claim for universal credit and also through the jobs match portal. In addition to this it can also teach you basic computer skills such as using a mouse. The site has some detail about preparing for an interview, CV writing tips and more. Each section is broken down into modules and you can check to see which modules you have completed. This invaluable resource is available from the library's webpages (follow the online services link) and can be accessed at home or in the library but you will need a valid library card to use it.

Book review...

Who Gets Fluffy by Judith Summers

Anna and Mark have been married for four years, but as they drift apart and the marriage ends… Who gets Fluffy? When Mark decides that he will have sole custody of their beloved dog, Anna is incensed. As the court case for custody of Fluffy begins, secrets are disclosed and a surprise witness causes chaos. Just how did Anna acquire Fluffy and who does he really belong to?

From the author of My Life With George, this entertaining read is light-hearted and fun, perfect relaxing into on a summer's afternoon.

Free from BorrowBox - Visit our website and follow the online services link.