POLICE have seized a quantity of cash and products used to lace sweets with drugs in a raid in Johnstown.

The items were discovered in a successful warrant executed at an address in Bangor Road Johnstown on Monday (August 3).

The Leader:

Items seized. Image: NWP Wrexham Rural

Among the items recovered were cannabis related products used to lace sweets with drugs.

Insp Mike Norbury said the warrant was part of a concerted effort to tackle drug crime and the latest trend used by drug pushers to hook younger victims.

The Leader:

Products were found to lace sweets with cannabis. Image: NWP Wrexham Rural

He said: “These criminals have stooped to using cannabis oils and other drugs to lace sweets and other items to make them more attractive to younger customers - to sell the image of drug taking as fun instead of illegal and dangerous. “

“We want to warn teenagers and parents of the dangers of taking items such as ‘Nerd Rope’ and laced sweets. There are serious risks involved as the strength and impact of these illegal items on individuals are totally unknown. Call us 101 if you have information on drug crime.”