NORTH Wales Police’s cycling safety scheme continues across North Wales.

The Leader previously reported that Specialist gilets are to be given to vulnerable cyclists thanks to the latest road safety initiative by North Wales Police, the six local authorities and the Welsh Government’s Traffic Wales service.

As a result, A cyclist in Connah’s Quay High Street was stopped on August 4 and advised about his dark clothing.

Officers gave him a gilet to wear to increase his safety.

A spokesman for the roads policing unit said: “If 1 gilet mitigates the risk to an individual's onward journey and makes them think about their safety they're worth it.”


The bright and colourful gilets will be distributed by officers from the Roads Policing Unit to cyclists who are spotted out and about wearing dark clothing. The back of the gilets also display the 1.5 metre logo – the distance required for when passing a cyclist safely at 30mph.

The Safer Cycling campaign has been launched due to an increase in the number of cyclists who are now using the region’s roads.

Sergeant Trystan Bevan of the Roads Policing Unit said: “Since the coronavirus lockdown, we have seen an increase in the number of people using our roads for cycling. Now more than ever, we urge motorists to give cyclists, and other vulnerable road users, especially children, plenty of space.

“During the lockdown it was noted by patrolling officers that a number of cyclists were wearing dark clothing making them less visible to other road users.

“Cyclists have a responsibility to ride in an appropriate manner and take measures to ensure they are as visible as possible to vehicles and other road users. However due to the increase in the number of cyclists taking to the roads, some may be better equipped than others, so the gilets will be handed over to the less visible.

“The gilets also highlight the 1.5 metre logo which is aimed at educating road users into providing a safe passing distance to cyclists when overtaking.”