THERE is evidence that younger people are not taking the coronavirus pandemic as seriously as other age groups, a Welsh minister has said.

Eluned Morgan, international relations minister, told the Welsh Government's weekly press conference that social media would be used to ensure they "understand the message".

Her comments followed a large number of people gathering in Cardiff Bay, with South Wales Police issuing a 48-hour dispersal order in the area over the weekend.

On Tuesday, Public Health Wales said one further person had died with coronavirus, taking the total number of deaths in the country to 1,566.

"It is a really concerning situation, it is something where I think we do have to get messages out particularly to younger people that this does affect them, it will affect them," Baroness Morgan said.

"Clearly the evidence suggests that younger people are really perhaps in some parts of the country not taking this as seriously as some of the other age groups.

"So that is a message that we need to get out. The police are very aware of the situation in Cardiff Bay and will be enforcing measures to make sure that people comply with the rules.

"There are of course many means of communication now.

"We can use social media and will be doing that in the future to make sure that those younger people understand the message and that it applies to them as well."

Baroness Morgan stressed that pubs and restaurants, which are now able to open indoors, must follow rules to control coronavirus.

She said that new powers would come into force this week, allowing councils to issue enforcement notices to businesses if they did not adhere to the regulations.