LOCAL politicians have welcomed the bringing forward of road infrastructure investment in Broughton

Jack Sargeant MS, Mark Tami MP and Deputy Leader of Flintshire Council Cllr Carolyn Thomas have welcomed the announcement but want residents to be aware of potential disruption while work takes place.

The politicians have been pushing the Welsh Government for much needed work to resurface the Broughton Park roundabout, work is due to start on August 17.

Jack Sargeant MS said: “There have been far too many accidents on this road and we have been pushing for some time for time to keep everyone safe.

"This investment is important to many local residents and I welcome it. There will be a slight disruption while work is carried out but safety of residents in Parc Jasmin and motorists has to be paramount."

They have also been raising issue around speeding on behalf of local residents and measures will be introduced to encourage drivers to slow down as they approach the junction.

These include:

  • Install a permanent speed limit of 30mph on the roundabout and a 40mph limit along the B5125 to join the existing 40mph at Airbus in a second phase when the order has been completed.
  • Investigate the use of a visibility screen for motorists approaching the Broughton Park roundabout from the A55 Westbound off slip to improve speed compliance
  • Erect additional slippery road warning signs placed on site: (completed 18 July 2020).
  • Replace advisory 30mph signs with temporary enforceable 30mph signs (Completed on the 25 July), until the permanent signs are installed as soon as possible.
  • Undertake a video and speed survey to establish current driving behaviours (CCTV).

Cones on the road will now be replaced by permanent barriers.

Mark Tami said: “We have all been pushing Welsh Government on this and it is great news. This investment was driven by residents concerns and I am grateful to those residents that have been raising this matter with me through the local campaign”

Cllr Carolyn Thomas added: “We work together to deliver for Broughton and this investment shows Labour is delivering. Speed reduction at this junction will save lives and I welcome these measures."