COUNCILLORS spoke of their alarm after hearing members of the public have been accessing toilets which were not cleaned for several months.

At the most recent meeting of Mold Town Council, held via Zoom on Wednesday evening, clerk Ian Jones invited members to discuss risk factors at Mold Town Hall in relation to covid-19 regulations.

In addition to potential social distancing difficulties on the premises' stairs, he told the meeting one of the issues was the use of the building's toilets by members of the public and market traders, as well as the cleaning of those toilets.

The meeting heard how market traders have an agreement with Flintshire Council in order to be able to access the facilities when needed - but the town council had received reports of members of the public coming in to use them as well.

Cllr Karen Hodgkinson said: "The market traders do use them - they're supposed to have keys and closing the door after them so I don't know how the public are being allowed access."

Mr Jones explained: "The toilets are clearly the most difficult problem we have.

"Flintshire Council does employ a cleaner to do the toilet but they haven't been coming since March. "The toilets have been in a dreadful state and we have been complaining to the council.

"The last time it was cleaned was on Monday and it is in a poor condition again. "The market traders are in and out so the door is open and invariably the public will use them."

The Leader:

Mold Town Hall

He said he would be speaking with Flintshire Council to discuss 'the threat of transmission of coronavirus'.

Cllr Robin Guest said: "From what has been said, the thing that alarms me the most is the toilets.

"I share the concern about the use - they have been open for market traders in recent weeks and it is not fair on them to deny them when there is no other option. "It is a completely unacceptable circumstance for them not to have been cleaned by Flintshire Council for four months. "It is something we must look at seriously."

Flintshire Council was approached for a comment.