DOG owners across Flintshire and Wrexham celebrated the love for their dogs on National Dog Photography Day.

This new yearly event had the internet buzzing as thousands of owners took to social media to post photographs of their dogs.

Created by Kerry Jordan, a top dog photographer in her own right and owner of Fur and Fables, the hashtag #nationaldogphotographyday went viral for the first-time last year with pet owners all over the world joining in.

Happily entering the spirit of things this year was Beastly Thoughts Professional Dog Services, Wrexham’s local puppy and dog training business.

Owner Karen Boyce said: “This year the day was even more successful. On my own Facebook page, I had nearly seventy owners post awesome photographs.

“It is just so nice to see all these lovely dogs. But also, to see how amazing some owners are at catching beautiful images. I was impressed, and of course they will have these memories now for ever to look back on.

“All of my followers also had a special time looking at all the different breeds and looking at what each dog was up to in the photos.”

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