LIBRARY staff in Wrexham have been supporting those at risk of severe isolation during Covid-19.

They have been working in partnership with staff from the adult social care team to help deliver a number of iPads, which were purchased out of the Community Inclusion Grant, to support those who were identified as being at risk of isolating even further and being cut off from family and friends during lockdown.

The iPads have proven to be somewhat of a lifeline for these residents who have been able to feel more connected with the outside world at, what could be, a very isolating time.

A spokesperson for Wrexham Council, said: "Thanks to the grant, libraries in Wrexham have also been able to give out five 4G iPads to people in the community who usually use the library services but due to the current restrictions and a lack of technology at home, have been unable to access the digital offer."

One iPad receiver, Elodie, who is a young girl who uses the homelink library service, has been shielding throughout the lockdown period due to serious health conditions and will continue to do so for as long as is necessary.

Elodie had been under the care of Hope House which stopped immediately upon lockdown but with the iPad, she is now using a number of video messaging platforms such as Zoom to stay connected with friends and her support network.

Youngster, Elodie has been using her iPad every single day, and says it has made lockdown so much easier.

Janet Roberts, another homelink library customer, has also been in total isolation since March, and despite living in a flat with shared gardens has not ventured out at all.

However, thanks to the iPad she is now able to download free audio books from the library service, as well as being able to keep in touch with her brother and his new puppy, which has resulted in her feeling much happier with her situation.

Barbara Evans, who has cancer, has had no contact with anyone throughout lockdown.

Ms Evans who is an avid reader and reads about 25 books every month, suffered badly when the library services closed due to Covid-19, which resulted in her homelink visits being put on hold.

After receiving her iPad, which she also uses to speak to family members who live in Egypt to keep them updated on her health, Ms Evans said: "I will never be lonely when I have got a book to read."

Cllr John Pritchard, lead member for youth services and anti-poverty, added: "The iPads are a great initiative and providing essential contact with friends and family for those who are unable to go out due to shielding.

"I would like to offer my thanks to everyone involved in making this happen and to wish everyone well as we go through the next few weeks"

Cllr Joan Lowe, lead member for adult social care, said: "These are lovely examples of how, by working in partnership across departments, we can help those most vulnerable amongst us.

"I too would like to add my thanks to everyone for offering and providing this vital community support."

If you are unable to visit the library or use their order and collect service and you have access to a digital device why not download a free e-book, e-audiobook or e-magazine by visiting