PEOPLE visiting a town's green spaces have been urged to use bins following an increase in littering.

Shannon Jones, of Plastic Reduction Mold, said the town has seen more items discarded as lockdown restrictions are eased.

She said: "For two or three weeks now the Rose Gardens have been open by the tennis courts.

"My husband Phillip and I walked out dog there on Monday, July 13, and we were horrified to find it littered with bottles, wrappers, chip papers.

"People have obviously congregated there and had a picnic or some chips and it wasn't like the bins were overflowing.

"My husband got his gloves on and picked it up with his friend.

"I was very annoyed - it's just the mindlessness of people who can't be bothered.

"There are bins in the park and it's really not hard to just screw up the papers and put them in there.

"Since lockdown has been eased we have started seeing more littering in general.

"But it's not just us having the problem here - it's all over."

Mold's annual spring clean event was not able to go ahead this year due to covid, but residents have continued to do their bit but carrying out mini-litter picks.

Mrs Jones said: "During Plastic Free July we have been encouraging people to reduce the amount of plastic in their waste.

"That might mean buying less things with plastic packaging or using more recyclable or reusable containers.

"People have also been doing their own small litter picks.

"Anyone who wants to do this can speak to Mold Town Council who will lend then litter pickers an give them bags."

Jane Evans, events and community engagement officer for Mold Town Council, said: "Sadly our annual Mold Spring Clean was unable to take place this year due to Covid-19, however this has not stopped our fantastic community from tidying up the town and over the last four months a large number of residents have volunteered to litter picking during their daily exercise or even specifically going out to litter pick a certain area within the town.

"If anyone would like to carry out a litter pick in Mold, the town council litter pickers are available to loan and we can also provide bin bags."

To arrange a mini litter pick, call Jane Evans on 01352 758532 or email and the town council can arrange to hand these over (contactless).

For more information about Plastic Reduction Mold, visit: