MOLD cafe owners have described the ongoing impact of coronavirus on their trade.

Spoons and Forks, based in Earl Road, opened its doors in November last year.

Owners Christine Ansloos and Stephen Spooner described how they have been getting on during lockdown.

Miss Ansloos, 44, said: "We're a cafe in the day and we normally would have eight tables.

"We were open later on Fridays and Saturdays with curry and pasta nights.

"Then all of this happened. We now do takeaways, by collection and delivery.

The Leader:

Councillors Karen Hodgkinson and Geoff Matthias outside the Daniel Owen Community Centre

"It's been horrible, trying to work out how to do things.

"It's been things like trying to find the right containers too - we have tried to use all recyclable or reusable materials.

Speaking of the impact and change the pandemic has caused for their new business, she continued: "It was heartbreaking when we were stopped from letting people in.

"We can't offer outdoor seating because the pavement is too small and the post office is used by a lot of people who would have to walk out into the road to go around the tables.

"It's very hard going, especially when it is so quiet."

Looking ahead to the future, Miss Ansloos added: "We are hoping to open again when we can, which may be August.

"But with social distancing, if it is two metres we may only be able to get in one or two tables at the most.

"Until we're given firm guidelines, we are trying not to think about it at the moment because it's just too depressing.

"We hope people remember that we stayed open though this.

"But in a way this has brought new people to us as well.

"Taking on new business is hard enough as it is, but throwing a pandemic into is as well has been very difficult."

Cllr Karen Hodgkinson, manager of the nearby Daniel Owen Community Centre, said she hopes to reopen the centre's community centre in September.

She said: "It's not financially viable to open with outdoor seating, so we're going to use this time to get as much done as we can.

"We need to put things in place to keep people safe and there is a lot to think about.

"Our community shop is still delivering things to people.

"We've helped more than 1,000 residents now through the deliveries."