A FLINTSHIRE lord shared his experience of lockdown with choir members.

The Hawarden Singers, like numerous choirs all over the country, have been unable to meet since the beginning of March.

Secretary Richard Steventon said: "To keep everyone in touch, we produce a regular newsletter called 'Choir Wire'.

"It contains members’ news and photos, articles, quizzes, jokes etc which helps to bring us together and eases the feeling of isolation."

Lord Barry Jones, president of the choir, wrote an article to reflect on his experiences of lockdown.

In it he said: "Our day begins at 6.30am. Janet and I shake ourselves out of bed.

"By 7.10am I am on the road pretending to run. Actually, fifteen minutes of run and walk – the same routine for eleven years and from the same house. One tries, even at 83 years.

"We also try to leave the house by 9.30am for the routine daily walk – with the exception of Monday when Janet turns into a human dynamo.

"It’s the Hotpoint and Dyson that feature. Her first wash is on the carousel by 8am usually.

"And then it’s the ironing board by two O'clock and, hopefully, a black and white TV film; with luck Fred and Ginger or Bogart or a jokey Cary Grant.

"Another certain winner had been Orson Welles’ “Citizen Kane”.

"Classic FM is a constant companion in our household – I can recommend “Beethoven” by John Suchet. He is the expert and the volume is well illustrated.

"We have been so lucky to be able to walk Hawarden’s park and woods.

"The leaf burst of late April showed the tree canopy to great effect.

"Janet has pointed out ravens, buzzards, kestrels and jays, and all of the woodpecker family – though the green is not so obvious, noisy though.

"We like the tint of his crest. There seem to be more thrushes and not so many swallows and martins. So far we have seen no swifts, the spitfires of the skies.

"Park and wood have offered us sight of violets, campion, sorrel and wood anemone. The cuckoo flower likes damper spots. "We have seen a dipper in what becomes Broughton Brook and on its banks the wild garlic grows.

"On the highest part of the castle two Canada geese have taken up station, much to the noisy disagreement of the resident jackdaws. We always thrill to the sight and sound at take-off of the Airbus Beluga. There are fewer now and I cross my fingers for that great industry.

"A fine discovery this “furlough” has been Hawarden Golf Course.

"Whilst it was closed we were able to walk the course, early mornings. It was always peaceful, very green and silent but for occasional birdsong.

"Our three young great grandchildren were due to visit us over Easter. Not so. The pandemic scotched that much anticipated happy chaos- Janet’s feasts and the pressing into service of every kind of chair. We miss the family.

"The village really appreciates the Post Office shop. It has everything and is brilliantly displayed. And a Post Office counter too.

"Over the road our entrepreneur has opened a coffee shop – it looks good. Social distancing of course. Janet and I miss the early morning Sundays at St Deiniol’s Church but Rector Andrea still does the business one way or another. The churchyard has displayed many primroses and violets for many weeks.

"Our garden border has done well with its “pom pom” flowers and lupins. The big daisies are coming onstream and the two brooms did us proud.

"Only one starling has pecked our grass which has turned brown, we spy the technicoloured goldfinches, the subtle plumed dunnock and there are a host of blackbirds – the males think they are Pavarotti. Local cats have alarmed many of our feathered friends. The sparrow families are smaller by the year.

"All in all, its been a brilliant, relaxing Spring. For three months, neither tie nor suit. No petrol bought since March.

"And Janet looks so very well – just all of her 50 years! There will be grounds for sincere prayers when Rector Andrea throws open the doors of her church again."

Mr Steventon added: "Another way that some of us have managed to keep singing is by joining Gareth Malone’s 'Great British Home Chorus'.

"Throughout lockdown thousands of people have tuned in to his live Youtube page daily at 5.30pm, learning various songs under his expert tutelage.

"Many may be singing in a 'choir' for the first time in their lives.

"If you are one of those people and think you might like to join a choir when all this is over then please consider The Hawarden Singers.

"We will welcome you with open arms (socially distanced of course)."

Anyone interested in joining can contact Mr Steventon on 07498195517.