A PROJECT which is making thousands of protective visors a week is urgently calling for help to find a new home.

PPE Hwb Wrecsam CIC has its visor parts made by injection moulding in Newtown.

But a hard working team of volunteers based at Gresford Memorial Hall cuts the screens, which are later fitted to the injection moulded frame, as well as carrying out numerous other tasks vital to the operation of the project.

Masks produced are sent out to groups, schools, businesses, universities, churches and all manner of other settings, with the recipients asked to make a donation if they can.

Following an announcement by First Minister Mark Drakeford last week that community centres will be able to open from July 20, the community interest company finds itself in a difficult situation.

Alison Thompson, of the project, said: "The Gresford War Memorial Hall Trust has been incredibly helpful to us, but with the move out of lockdown they will be able to re-open on July 20.

"The function of the hall is for the community and it is important that they be able to use it to restart their activities and see their friends.

"It is a shame the notice has been this short but that is not something we hold against the trust - they have been absolutely fantastic.

"At the moment we have committed orders for 10,000 masks and there are more requests coming in all the time.

"This leaves us in the position that we need to find a place we can continue to produce these visors.

"It is a serious concern to us. We're not sure what we're going to do yet.

"Unfortunately we're not able to make any serious preparations until we know where we're going to be going."

Ian Gibson, chairman of the Gresford Trust, said: "We were happy to give them a base, but now unfortunately normal activity has to resume.

"We are a community-based charity and if the community wants to start using the building again we have to be able to do that."

Ms Thompson said the project ideally needs a space of at least 1,500 square feet.

She said: "We've emailed a number of contacts but with lockdown, contact is sporadic and it is presenting unique challenges.

"Any other community centres will presumably be in the same position as the Gresford Trust in that they need to open again, so it's unlikely we'll be able to use one.

"We're looking for any venues - preferably central to Wrexham. We have even been looking at retail spaces."

PPE Hwb Wrecsam CIC is also looking for a clicker press in order to help speed up the cutting of visor screens.

Anyone who can help with either a new venue or a clicker press can contact the project via media.ppehwbwrecsam@gmail.com