A WREXHAM man who is facing homelessness with his teenage daughter says the council needs to be more ‘flexible’ in its housing cases.

Nick Claffey, of Groesfan in Penycae said he was facing eviction in February due to his private landlord wanting to sell and so he made plans to move out with his 16-year-old daughter.

He decided to get a council house this time around after three previous landlords wanting to sell their properties.

However, he said the turnaround for a council house is several months due to them being upgraded.

He told the Leader: “It’s been a nightmare. The pandemic meant I couldn’t leave and the ban on evictions was a good thing, but this situation would have been bad regardless of the lockdown.

“The problem I’ve got is because these houses are being upgraded, the list is longer and the time they take to turnaround is longer.

“Wrexham council didn’t anticipate any problems and now, after much kicking and screaming they will look at putting me and my daughter in temporary accommodation as on August 23, evictions will resume.

“The fear I then have is that I will lose my possessions.”

Nick said more should be done in terms of allowing people to move into a home in some cases.

He added: “You’ve got all of these houses that are being upgraded and no-one can move into them. It’s ridiculous, and meanwhile the waiting list is getting longer.

“We are being told these houses will be fantastic when you move in but that’s no good. I’d rather move into a house that’s a shell and have a roof over my head than have to wait and face being on the streets.

“I think in situations like this, they need to be a bit more flexible. If a house isn’t quite ready but it’s safe, it’s far better to move them in than having people sleeping rough.

“I’ve had to go back onto my medication for depression. The worry is constantly there in the back of my mind, it’s driving me insane.

“Part of my anger over this is because for a number of years, we provided provision for the homeless in Wrexham, we campaigned for better treatment.

“I’ve helped many homeless going through something similar and it’s annoyed me that nothing has changed. No-one has listened.

“My advice to anyone that needs housing from the council, keep pestering them. People cannot end up on the streets through no fault of their own.”

A spokesman for Wrexham Council said: “We are aware of Mr Claffey’s situation and have been in contact with him. He is being supported by the housing options team.

“In order to ensure a very high quality of housing for our tenants when properties become empty we look to refurbish the whole of the house rather than make repairs that will ultimately mean disruption to the tenant and their families. The extensive nature of the works is not feasible to undertake the works whilst the tenants are present.”