A 66-YEAR-old woman has been left too scared to sit in her garden after repeated attacks by a cat.

Sonja Hardy, of Rhyl, was first attacked by the animal in October 2019. She suffered a deep puncture to her hand and was treated in hospital where she remained for several nights.

She suffered further injuries on February 11, April 2, May 13 and June 14.

Daughter Beth Turney said each time her mother will attend A&E and then her GP to redress the wound. She is also issued antibiotics.

The Leader:

Sonja Hardy is wary about going into the garden at her Rhyl home

Beth and her mum are desperate to raise awareness in the hope someone may recognise the cat and help stop the attacks from happening.

"Since the first attack, the attacks have become more ferocious," Beth told The Rhyl Journal.

"The cat will come over the garden wall, growl and then jump up on mum’s arms and hands and won’t let go.

"She has sustained deep scratches and cuts to her hands and forearms.

"During the most recent attack, she had to shout for help where a workman ran into the garden to help her.

"A neighbour says his own cat won't leave his house because of this cat.

"My mum has pet cats of her own and is known for her love of cats."

Sonja and Beth have made efforts to try and find the owner of the cat. As well as asking neighbours, they have asked a vet in the area and approached the council. They have also appealed for information on Facebook.

Sonja lost her husband John Hardy suddenly in December 2018; Mr Hardy, Rhyl Rugby Club stalwart and Rygbi Gogledd Cymru (RGC)1404 pioneer, suffered a heart attack on New Year’s Eve at the age of 66.

The experience with the cat has added to Sonja's distress.

Beth added: "We are at a loss. My poor mother is in her 60s and is afraid to go into her garden.

"This is a dangerous animal. If it was a dog there would be swift action taken for it to be destroyed. My mother has scars on both arms because of it.

"Mu mum has never fed the cat. It is seen a couple of times a week, sitting on the fence at the front or back of the house, watching the garden.

"She is very wary of going into the garden, even to hang out the washing, and often carries a stick with her now, in case.

"Denbighshire council suggested speaking to the owners or looking at deterrents such as wall spikes. They apologised but said there was no legislation in regards to cats.

"Our problem has been that we just don’t know if it has an owner or where it comes from."

The family are hoping that by speaking out, the owner will come forward or someone will know where the cat lives.

RSPCA Cymru has been approached for comment.