A NEWLY engaged couple from Wrexham have lost over 15 stone.

Lauren Humphreys and Ryan Davies managed to achieve the incredible weight loss after following the Slimming World's healthy eating plan, despite being faced with new challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Slimming World consultant, Sue Vaughan, expressed her delight at witnessing the couples weight loss journey.

She said: "Lockdown hasn't deterred Lauren and Ryan one bit.

"This amazing couple inspire us in our virtual groups every Saturday and this week was definitely motivation for us all.

"Lauren has achieved her absolutely fantastic 5.5 stone which secured her target weight and Ryan has achieved his incredible 10.5 stone.

"I am so proud of all my groups, but achieving these awards Lauren and Ryan you really do make me the proudest of consultants."

Mr Davies, joined the Slimming World group in Hightown in October 2019, and achieved his seven stone award on April 25, thanks to the virtual group sessions being held to allow members to continue their weight loss journey whilst in lockdown, with fiancée Lauren joining just two weeks later.

Speaking to the Leader, the couple expressed their gratitude towards the group which has had a positive impact on not just their day-to-day lives but also on their future as a married couple.

They said: "Being part of group has helped us in so many ways.

"We have so much more energy, we're more active and our interests have changed drastically, we enjoy going for walks, cooking and trying new healthy food."

For further information on Sue Vaughan's Slimming World group, contact her on 07929 510170 or visit her Facebook page, 'Slim with Sue and Slimming World'.