THE town centre is a more pleasant place after police and other agencies in Wrexham responded to reports of anti-social behaviour from residents.

After complaints centred around benches in the town, the benches were removed as part of action to make the town centre more pleasant for shoppers and residents.

The town centre policing team had received reports of anti-social behaviour in the town centre, specifically on and around the benches in Yorke Street.

Complaints included late night drinking and loud noise.

But, after multi-agency work involving the council and police there have been a reduction in complaints and demand on police time associated with anti-social behaviour at that location.

A resident said: "During lockdown the police were constantly speaking with these people moving them on and asking them to not to drink alcohol on the benches.

"The police who worked with the council have now moved these benches and this particular area of the town centre is now a more pleasant place to shop and spend a great time to enjoy socially.’’

In addition to the benches being removed, there have been regular police patrols and contact with local residents led by Community Beat Manager Sarah Hughes-Jones.

The resident added: "A very special thank you to constable Sarah Hughes-Jones who has been very pro-active and empathic throughout dealing with this issue in what has been a very difficult and busy time for the police especially during lockdown."

North Wales Police's Wrexham town centre policing team said that, with the town centre now open, officers will work hard to reduce anti-social behaviour "to make sure we keep Wrexham town a safe place to visit which it is".

Sgt Matt Subacchi said: "Wrexham town is a safe place to visit. The town centre team work hard to build good relationships with residents and local business to support them."