AS hairdressers, salons and barbershops across Wales prepare for reopening on Monday, we want to see your transformation.

Most of us will have been yearning for a trip to the hairdressers during lockdown, and the time has come for the doors of shops across the nation.

On Friday, July 10, First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford confirmed that the level of coronavirus in Wales continues to fall daily and announced a package of measures that would see hairdressers get back to work on July 13 – months after lockdown was imposed on the UK.

The minister also confirmed that these newly announced measures do include mobile hairdressers.

At his press conference on Friday, Mr Drakeford asked that the beauty sector and other close-contact services, including tattooists and nail salons, begin preparing to reopen from July 27 - if conditions allow.

He said: "Together we are making good progress to tackle the spread of this virus. It is thanks to the efforts we have made together that we are able to lift the restrictions and re-open more parts of our society and economy."

With scenes of many queueing up for that much-awaited trim in England, we want readers to share their experiences by showing us a before and after picture for possible use in a feature with the Leader.

With your submission of the two pictures, please provide…

  • Your full name
  • What town/village you live in around Flintshire/Wrexham
  • Who/Where you got your haircut from
  • A few thoughts about getting your first professional haircut in months!

You can send all this information to us via a message to our Facebook page or by emailing