A WREXHAM dog behaviourist has published helpful tips on managing dogs through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to these extraordinary times, pets have had more attention than usual over the last three months and new puppies know little of being left alone.

As people drift back to work and houses will be empty, dog behaviourist Karen Boyce, of Beastly Thoughts Professional Dog Services (BTPDS) has issued advice on how dogs may be feeling.

She that the majority of dogs will be able to adapt to the change but around 45 per cent of dogs, in normal times, would feel distress when an owner is away. So given the current pandemic, she predicts a larger percentage of dogs suffering.

This could range from ‘mild depression’ through to destruction of furniture, and also include self-harm.

She said: “Dogs can suffer from other forms of distress when being left in the home; isolation distress being the most obvious. So, this is not that the dog is heartbroken that the family are no longer in the house, but that it is stressed simply by being alone. It just does not feel safe.

“A dog may also have developed hyper-attachment; e.g. that it misses one particular member of the household. And then there is also frustration distress, as once the owner or owners have left the dog no longer has the freedom of the house that it usually has.”

Karen suggests getting back into a routine as soon as possible and give dogs clear signals about what is going to happen such as putting a uniform on.

Uncertainty is what leads to stress in dogs.

Karen added: “If you have been paying a lot more attention during lockdown to your dog, e.g. increased cuddles and play, it might be best to start with a toning down of this over a week or so before starting the signal work.”

Karen Boyce is the owner of Beastly Thoughts Professional Dog Service (BTPDS), the largest pet dog training establishment in Wales.

She went on to say: “Dog’s being distressed when left alone is a common problem but can be quite complex. Good observation and problem-solving skills are often needed.

“Remember stress and anxiety can ruin your dog’s health. It can affect the human/dog relationship. It can dramatically affect how owners feel about their dogs. And it can be expensive!.

“This is a very simplistic and condensed explanation on how to help and train a dog to cope with being left alone. If you struggle seek expert help.”

A full list of tips can be found online at https://www.beastlythoughts.co.uk/blog