FROM dogs and cats, bunnies and hamsters, lizards and birds, pets are an enormous part of our lives.

Whether it's a furry friend, fish, spider or snake, they become part of the family. A cherished part of our day to day life.

Have you welcomed a rescue animal into your home, changing both your lives?

Or do you have an animal that has been your reason to be cheerful during the strange and isolating lockdown days?

To celebrate the role our pets play, we'd love to see your pictures and put them firmly in the spotlight - where they belong.

Maybe they've got a big personality all of their own or they've made an unusual friend (I'm thinking The Fox and the Hound but without the tears).

Perhaps your pet helps you or your family in some way.

Whether they're goofy, cuddly, grumpy or just plain adorable, tell us all about them or you can email