A MEDICAL chief has hoped people approach reopening of pubs in Wales "in a responsible manner" and don’t allow the coronavirus headroom created to now deteriorate.

Andrew Goodall, chief executive for NHS Wales, chaired the daily Welsh Government press conference on July 8 and fielded questions from the press.

He responded to the recent public concerns addressed by ministers in relation to scenes of packed bars and pubs across England as eased restrictions by UK Government allowed them to reopen their doors on July 4.

He said: “I know from a Welsh Government perspective that clearly it will be important to work through and promote the announcements and actions that will allow the industry to be able to respond. I know they will do that in a very appropriate and responsible manner.

“Speaking at it from an NHS perspective, when you speak to NHS staff members who have provided care and treatment right through the four months we have experienced, and if I could reflect on areas like emergency departments and critical care units in particular, they have seen some very difficult things.

“I really hope that we can build on these foundations, make sure we approach things in a responsible manner and make sure we don’t allow things to deteriorate further.

“One of the actions that will allow us to ensure that we can perhaps mitigate a second peak will be the ability to continue working with the public in a way that we have had. I think it is extraordinary how the Welsh population have completely come alongside us in terms of an NHS and a social care perspective when people really needed that care and support.”

At present, Wales is set to allow these venues to reopen on July 13, should conditions allow, but with the limitation of keeping people in outdoor spaces.

Indoor services will remain closed for now, despite industry pressure.

Minister were questioned earlier this week as an announcement is imminent to confirm the go ahead for these plans that will help to restart the Welsh economy that ground to a halt in the wake of coronavirus.

At the conference held on Tuesday, July 7, minister for health and social services Vaughan Gething said: “I enjoy a drink from time to time, I enjoy going out with my family and I’d like to be able to go to a pub myself. But just as I am having to consider what’s right for my family, I’m also having to consider what’s right for the country as well.

“That does reinforce why we’re not in a position to signal to hospitality that they can operate indoors now.

“It’s partly driven by the scenes that we have seen in England, but also the evidence on the control measures that would need to be taken to make those more safe environments for staff and the public.”