WALES will consider evidence on making face coverings mandatory in public, the country's health minister has said.

Vaughan Gething said ministers and the country's chief medical officer were "continuing to look" at the benefits of making people wear a face covering when they leave home.

Mr Gething said comments by the president of the Royal Society, Professor Venki Ramakrishnan, about face coverings would feed into updated advice given by Wales's chief medical officer Dr Frank Atherton.

He told the Welsh Government's daily press briefing: "The chief medical officer will of course be considering not just the comments made but the evidence base that underpins them.

"I look at the evidence that Sage and others are providing on what we need to do to try to continue to lower the risk of transmission of coronavirus, especially as we ease further out of lockdown.

"So it's a dynamic position. I'm looking forward to updated advice and consideration from the chief medical officer and others. And if there is a change in that advice or consideration by myself or the First Minister, then we'll of course update the public.

"So at this point, we're continuing to look at the evidence and today's comments are part of what we'll need to consider doing as we help to keep safe now and in the future."

On June 9, Wales followed the rest of the UK in recommending the use of non-medical face coverings on public transport, as well as in situations "where social distancing is not possible", but ministers stopped short of making wearing them mandatory.