A VOUCHER scheme has been launched in Mold to encourage people to shop in the town.

The ‘Totally Mold’ voucher scheme is a brand new initiative organised and managed by Mold Town Council in response to the unprecedented challenges that the coronavirus has created for the town.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage people back into town to shopping, boosting the local economy in the process and highlighting what the town council says is a "fantastic range of shops and services there" is in Mold.

A spokesperson for Mold Town Council said: "If local businesses are to survive post Covid-19, the message to the community to shop local/use local services, is more important than ever, look at what Mold has to offer before taking your custom outside of the town.

“If every adult in Mold spent just £5 per week in their local shops and businesses, instead of online or outside of the town, it would be worth £2million going directly into our local economy.

"This means more jobs, a better high street, a stronger economy and a nicer place to live and visit.”

Once in circulation the vouchers will be available from the town council for the public to buy either for their own use or as gift voucher.

The vouchers will be able to be exchanged for goods or services at a number of local businesses, used to purchase weekly shopping, buy as a gift, enjoy a pamper or an evening out. They come in £5 or £10 denominations, with the idea being that people spend a minimum of £5 in the retailer/business.

Businesses/service providers need to contact the town council if they want to be involved in the scheme.

Signing up to the scheme is free and easy – you just need to be located or trading in Mold and complete a registration form.

Please email business@moldtowncouncil.org.uk for more information, terms and conditions and the registration form.

People are urged to keep an eye on social media to enter town council competitions which will give people a chance of winning some of the vouchers.

Sign up to Mold Town Council email database to receive news of when the vouchers go on sale, you will also receive other news and events from Mold Town Council (approximately 1-4 emails a month). To sign up, email events@moldtowncouncil.org.uk

The spokesperson added: "Once up and running the list of businesses/service providers will be promoted and we hope as many businesses as possible will take part in the scheme.

"By taking part it will ensure all the money stays here in Mold, and it will promote more than ever we need to shop locally.”