AN ELLESMERE Port man who has spent the past three months away from his family has created video to showcase the highs and lows of lockdown.

Stuart Yarr lives in England, whereas his family live on the North Wales side of the border, and with the difference in regulations, it meant he was unable to visit them despite measures easing earlier in England.

To document his experience, he created a hilarious video which shows every part of lockdown, from loneliness to joy, which those living alone could also relate to.

Stuart said: "Not being able to see family during the lockdown is hard for anyone to deal with, especially when you live on your own, like I do.

"I also have an eight-month old niece, who throughout lockdown was growing super fast, which just made the situation that extra bit harder for me and the family to deal with.

"My family live in Wales which meant that even after the lockdown started to ease in England, I still couldn't see them straight away.

"Lockdown for me has mostly involved going out for walks and watching tv. But I watched so much TV over the first couple of months that I was starting to get really bored of it. So I decided to focus my attention on something I enjoy doing.

"That's why I decided to make the video. I always like to entertain and wanted to make a video that would hopefully bring a smile, especially at a time like this.

"A big thank you to my sister Gemma who shared the video around."

The video has attracted much attention on social media with people being able to relate to Stuart's experience.

Families have spent the past three-months apart due to the coronavirus pandemic and from Monday, the lockdown measures in Wales are set to ease.

Stuart's sister Gemma added: "He made this whilst he was on lockdown on his own for three months. We have seen many videos of people in lockdown but I haven't seen any of people on their own.

"This video was funny and emotional and gives an insight into how people handle their mental health when under very unusual circumstances."