FLINTSHIRE and Wrexham residents shielding from coronavirus for the last three months have spoken about their relief about being able to see family and friends again.

On Friday, Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford announced that from Monday 'stay local' restrictions would be lifted - with five mile limitation on travel distances no longer in place.

As well as this, people from two separate households will be able to join together to form one exclusive, extended household.

And the Leader caught up with local residents who have been most effected by the restrictions.

Donna Vicary, from Rhos in Wrexham, is one such example - she has myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) which leaves her at particularly high risk to coronavirus.

The 39-year-old said: "I've been self-isolating since pretty much the end of February when the first cases in the area were confirmed.

"It's hard for me to fight off a chest infection, nevermind the coronavirus so I was quick to take the maximum precautions.

"But it's been so difficult - I have no friends or family in the area so have to cope largely on my own, and with my health problems that's very hard.

"And then my phone screen broke part way through lockdown meaning I couldn't even Facetime anyone - which made things ten times worse.

"So it's great to hear that I'll be able to meet up with friends and family outdoors, and actually see a human face from not behind glass!"

Miss Vicary, who has family dotted all over the country, says she's not particularly worried about the risk of infection.

She added: "I once looked after my mum when she was so ill that a common cold could have killed her - so in that regard I'm fortunate as I've always known how to practice good infection control.

"I've bought an especially protective face mask feel ok about going out and about."

Veronica Gay, county councillor for Saltney, also lives alone and has been shielding for the last three months.

The 73-year-old said: "It really is difficult being on your and ultimately having to fend for yourself - like so many older people have had to during this pandemic.

"But while I'd love to get out and about more I don't think I can trust enough of the general public to practice social distancing - so I think I'll leave it for at least another two or three weeks and see where we are then.

"Most days you question whether it's worth even getting out of bed and getting dressed - as someone who loves being out in the community it's really hard for me to stay home.

"So I'm delighted it looks like there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel.

However, the ruling being that members of two household can form one extended household will leave her with a tough decision to make.

She said: "I've got two daughters, both living in separate households - so I'm faced with the prospect of having to choose one to form my extended household, which is a decision a mother really shouldn't have to make."