A Flintshire resident has lost over five stone despite Covid-19 challenges.

Peter Snowdon, aged 54, general manager at the Plas Hafod Hotel, joined his local Weight Watchers (WW) group in 2018, after one enjoyable day out led him to seriously question his lifestyle choices, after reaching 16.7 stone.

He said: "A couple of years ago, I was given a hospitality ticket to see my favourite football team, Liverpool, play in an FA Cup match at Anfield.

"By coincidence, the footballing legend, Robbie Fowler, was also in the hospitality suite and I was delighted when he joined me for a selfie.

"When I saw the photograph the following day, I realised that I could do with losing a pound or two.

"My bathroom scales told me I weighed 16.7 stone, which was a bit over the top for my height.

"I seemed to remember noticing a branch of Weight Watchers about a mile from my home, and I decided to give it a try.

"It was one of the best decisions I ever made."

According to a recent online study by WW, figures reveal that half of Wales have admitted to overeating and gaining wait during Covid-19 lockdown.

Figures also show that one in two people in Wales (48 per cent) have eaten more during lockdown, while one in four (36 per cent ) admitted to putting on weight, and 44 per cent feeling more anxious.

But as the country eases out of lockdown, 42 per cent of individuals vow to start exercising more regularly, with 43 per cent of the nation wanting to lose weight and 34 per cent striving to put wellbeing first.

Initially, Mr Snowden's decision to lose weight seemed somewhat 'impossible' but he states that he was fortunate enough to have been supported by two 'very understanding' people, who have allowed him to be able to achieve his weight-loss journey, which saw him losing 5.1 stone and now currently weighing 11.6 stone.

He added: "I cannot thank Sandra Lewis, of my local WW branch, who guided me through the whole process, enough.

"Not to mention Steve Howell, a chef at Plas Hafod Hotel, where I work, who made sure my diet met the requirements of my weight-loss plan.

"Within a few weeks, I began to notice some very agreeable changes in my appearance and fitness levels.

"Weight control is not just about appearance, it's an important factor in health, especially in these Covid-threatening times.

"I feel my greatest sense of achievement came when I moved from being classed as clinically obese to being classed as normal.

"Sandra is a great wellness coach, as if you enter the session in a negative frame of mind, you leave with a positive one.

"The weekly 'Zoom' meetings during the current pandemic has been really good fun.

"I'm so proud of myself for losing so much weight but I'm even more proud that I have managed to retain my new level for almost two years."