MORE than 1,400 jobs are at risk at Airbus' Broughton plant, the company has now confirmed.

Earlier this week the company announced plans to reduce its UK workforce by 1,700 as part of efforts to safeguard its future.

On Thursday morning, a spokesman said: "Airbus confirms it has opened a national dialogue with social partners in the UK in the frame of its COVID-19 adaptation plan.

"As part of these discussions, Airbus has confirmed the need to adjust its workforce in the UK by approximately 1,700 positions, with the following split: Broughton 1,435 [and] Filton 295.

"These figures include integrated corporate functions which support all divisions in the UK.

"This split reflects the significant impact the COVID crisis has had on the UK's commercial-aircraft manufacturing activities which are concentrated in Broughton.

"Airbus will continue to meet regularly with its Trade Union partners in the UK in order to identify solutions that will help us implement this adaptation while minimising the social impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the Company."