POLITICIANS have had their say on major potential job losses at Airbus.

The company announced on Tuesday night that about 1,700 of its UK jobs are at risk after unveiling plans to safeguard its future.

In a statement, Alyn and Deeside MS Jack Sargeant said: "This is incredibly devastating news. "We all have friends and family working at Airbus.

"I have been telling the UK Government for weeks that they need to support this sector.

"They must now act to support everyone who works at Airbus.

"Doing nothing while people lose their jobs is not good enough.

"I expect every politician in north east Wales and the north west of England, whatever party they represent, to support my calls for immediate financial support for this company and the businesses in their supply chains.

"I have already spoken to Unions, Airbus and Welsh Government and will continue speaking up for our community."

Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami said: "[The] news from Airbus is not good, and I will be working with the trade union and the company over the next few days to establish what this means for staff.

"This highlights exactly why this industry needs urgent Government support.

"Passenger numbers are not going to bounce back overnight, which means airlines are cancelling or delaying orders fro planes. There is the risk of airlines going bust.

"The US and EU Governments have provided support to preserve jobs in aerospace manufacturing, and as I called for last week in the House of Commons, the UK Government must step up to plate and save these skilled jobs in this vital industry. We cannot afford for the UK to be left behind."

In a joint statement Delyn MP Rob Roberts, Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton and Clwyd South MP Simon Baynes said: "Today’s announcement that Airbus is to reduce its workforce by 15,000 globally, and by 1,700 in the UK, is immensely worrying for local employees.

"Airbus plays a major role in the North Wales economy and provides employment for many residents across the region.

"We have spoken to Airbus and will continue to work closely with the company, trade unions and both the UK and Welsh Governments to do everything we can to support Airbus’ workers, their families and the wider community.

"The UK Government has provided significant support to help Airbus face the challenges that have emerged as a result of this pandemic, including supporting employees through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and investment in aerospace research and development.

"As this situation develops we will remain on hand to assist anyone who has been affected by this decision."

Wrexham’s Member of the Senedd, Lesley Griffiths said: “News that Airbus is set to cut 1,700 jobs in the UK is a hammer blow to our region.

“The effects will certainly be felt in Wrexham and throughout the local supply chain.

“It is an extremely worrying time for the loyal workforce and my thoughts are with them and their families at this difficult time.

“I will work with the relevant bodies and do all I can to support the Airbus community.”

The Chair of the Welsh Affairs Committee, Stephen Crabb MP, said “The potential loss of a significant number of jobs at Airbus is a devastating blow to workers and families in Broughton and one that Wales can ill afford. Over the course of our inquiry, we’ve heard repeated warnings about the unprecedented difficulties facing key pillars of the Welsh economy, including the aerospace industry, as a result of COVID-19.

"This is the stark realisation of those warnings and underscores the very real threat that the coronavirus pandemic poses to high-skilled jobs in Wales. These kinds of jobs are indispensable if Wales is to make a full recovery from COVID-19.”

The Welsh Affairs Committee’s inquiry into the Welsh Economy and COVID-19 is ongoing.

Secretary of State for Wales Simon Hart said: “Airbus is a vital part of the North Wales economy so this is extremely worrying news for workers, their families and the wider community.

“I have spoken to Airbus this week and will continue to work closely with the company, the trade unions and the Welsh Government to do everything we can to support employees and those affected in the wider supply chain.

“The UK Government has already taken wide-ranging action to support companies since the start of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the coronavirus and its economic impact continue to generate huge challenges for businesses across the economy and the UK Government stands ready to help those affected.”

Plaid Cymru MS and Shadow Minister for the Economy, Tackling Poverty and Transport, Helen Mary Jones said,

“My thoughts are with all the staff of Airbus in Broughton and their families during what must be a very difficult and uncertain time.

“Whilst the Westminster Government has a responsibility to support key industries during this unstable time, where has the Welsh Government been? What steps are they taking and what support will they offer to these workers?

“The Welsh Government must show that they are thinking strategically in both the long and short term on how best to support the economy in the wake of the impact of the Coronavirus."