DELYN’S MS has emphasised the potential for job creation and green energy in the region following plans announced by the Port of Mostyn to develop tidal power.

With one of the highest tidal movements in the UK, at around 10.2 metres during high Spring tide, the Dee Estuary is a prime location for tidal power generation.

The natural environment works perfectly to allow the development of a tidal lagoon between Mostyn and the Point of Ayr, to generate low carbon electricity.

Hannah Blythyn MS said: “An opportunity like this shows that our part of the world can lead the way in developing cleaner, greener energy and make a positive impact for generations to come. With long term sustainable energy generation, job creation and flood protection, our communities would benefit hugely from an investment of this scale.”

The Leader has reported that plans have been unveiled for a £590 million tidal lagoon capable of providing low carbon electricity to power 82,000 homes in North Wales.

With over 300 jobs created during the construction period, as well as additional jobs in the supply chain and 25-30 permanent jobs, the lagoon will bring a significant boost to the North Wales economy.

Jim O’Toole, managing director of The Port of Mostyn added: “I’m very grateful to Hannah Blythyn MS for the support she has shown so far, including organising a briefing for Members of the Senedd and Parliament for the region. I look forward to working with our elected representatives as we move the project forward.”

Last week, the Delyn MS hosted a virtual briefing session for Members of the Senedd and of Parliament from across North Wales with Mr O’Toole.

With plans being developed over the last four years Mostyn SeaPower Ltd, created to lead on the project, has been monitoring technological advances to ensure that the best technology is used. Having the best possible technology will enhance the operation of the lagoon and boost the production of renewable energy for the region.

Ms Blythyn added: “I look forward to Members of the Senedd and Parliament from across the region and cross-party joining with me to work with the Port of Mostyn as they progress their plans and I will continue to do my best to ensure that constituents are updated as much as possible.”