Starting a journey into motherhood can be difficult enough, but during a pandemic must be harder.

We gave new mums who gave birth during lockdown the chance to share their baby with the world.

You can share your new arrival with us here.

Meet some of the region's newest residents...

EIFFION DYLAN ALEXANDER JACKSON born on April 28 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital

The Leader:

Parents: Dylan Jackson and Helen Burns

Weight: 4lb 15oz

Siblings: Aiden Jackson and Keidis Jackson (both boys)

"Bean is an IVF baby (we've called him Bean since his first scan picture and it's stuck). He caught on our second implant. He was born to caesarean section after a troubled labour. Mother and baby were in hospital for three days before being allowed home. Because of lockdown, dad had to wait until then to see them both again after being present at the birth. Bean is anxious for restrictions to relax so he can see all his friends and family, however, he has met his brothers who live with their mum but come to stay at weekends."

AURELIA MARY RAE SIMON born on April 28 at Glan Clwyd Hospital

The Leader:

Parents: Steph Dennis and Logan Simon

Weight: 8lb

"I started with contractions at 6am and got to hospital for 11am, and she was born six hours later. The hospital was amazing and not once did I think about the pandemic happening around us all."

WALTER PURVISS-HEALY born on June 23 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital

The Leader:

Parents: Kirsty Purviss and Matthew Healy

Weight: 6lb 9oz

Siblings: Sebastian Purviss-Healy

"Walter arrived two weeks early and is loved very much by his mummy, daddy and big brother Sebastian."

EVAN OLIVER HUGHES born on March 26 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital

The Leader:

Parents: Naiomi Hughes and Jessica Edwards

Weight: 6lb 1oz

Siblings: Thomas Edwards

"We spent a week in and out of hospital worried he wasn’t moving like he usually was, on top of the the worry of Covid-19, and the risk of being in and out of hospital was a scary time. Then we got given a date for a c-section to have him early, so we had two days of steroids to help his lungs and he was finally born at 9.56am at 38 weeks and four days. On that day the country officially went into lockdown. My partner Jessica was sent home and couldn’t see us until we were allowed to go home to. After three years of trying and two ectopic pregnancies, he was finally here, fit and healthy. But our experience isn’t how we would have hoped due to lockdown. Being stuck in unable to see family or friends with a newborn baby has been difficult, it should have been a time to show him off, yet to protect him we stayed home. He is the happiest little man we’ve ever met."

• LEO JONES born on May 10 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital

The Leader:

Parents: Kristina and Mike Jones

Weight: 7lb 11oz

Siblings: Lucy

"Leo was two days overdue and born on our sixth wedding anniversary. Leo completes our family.The staff at the Wrexham Maelor were incredible and made the strange situation as normal as possible.Scans in lockdown are sad when dad can’t join but the extra photos made all the difference. Then in labour, staff were happy and smiley (smiley eyes under the PPE). Thank you so much to everyone who looked after us."

• CALLEN GRIFFITHS born on April 29 at home in Buckley

The Leader:

Parents: Clare O’Connor and Matthew Griffiths

Weight: 7lb 3oz

Siblings: Milly-May and Alyssa Griffiths

"Callen was born at home in Buckley. Special thanks to Buckley midwives and paramedics in attendance."