PUPILS across Flintshire returned to school on Monday for the first time in three months.

On Monday morning, the Leader spoke to parents of pupils of Ewloe Green Primary School to get their thoughts on their children returning to school.

Chris Davies, whose two sons attend the school, admitted to having mixed feelings about them going back to school.

He said: "I'm really excited for them to be able to see their friends again and socialising once again.

"But I'm obviously a little bit nervous, mainly for how they'll be - but they seemed fine and really positive about it.

"We've been prepping them for the last couple of weeks and the school has been really good in providing us with loads of information which has helped a lot.

About the fears over the risk of infection, Mr Davies said: "No there's no fear really, the school are doing all they can - taking the temperature of children at the door, small classes of only five and they've given us a long list of things they're going to do around equipment and making sure they're all socially distanced as best they can.

"I think the longer they stayed off the harder it would have been for the children to go back - so I think it was right to bring them back."

Chris Poyner said: "I think it's really important that they go back and it's right that they go back.

"One of my children is in Year 6 so will be stating secondary school in September so it's vital for him to have that transitional period there is before moving up.

"It comes down to weighing up the health benefits and the educational benefits - for me going back is so important.

"I've got more concerns going to the supermarket than I have about my kids going back to school - supermarkets are far more risky in my opinion, with the way people behave compared to way schools will behave and the way they're organised."

A group of four mums echoed this.

They said collectively: "It's great that they're going back - you can't just think about physical health concerns, there are also mental health concerns to factor in and staying off from school indefinitely can really affect that.

"Ewloe Green has been brilliant with all the information it's provided to parents about safety measures that will be in place.

"We don't feel at all concerned or uneasy about them going back."