A DRIVER spoke of his shock after a tree came crashing down across a Wrexham road.

North Wales Police asked motorists to find alternative routes just after 5pm on Monday due to a tree blocking the Straight Mile between Mount Pleasant and the Crown Hotel.

Daryl Lewis, 47, said the tree came down as he was driving along the road - causing some to damage the car in front of him.

The Ruabon resident, who works for RRC Crane Hire, said he has never experienced anything like it, adding: "As I was driving the car in front of me slammed the brakes on and the tree fell from the right and covered both lanes.

"One of the branches caught the front of the car and did a bit of damage.

"The driver was shaken but ok. He was very lucky.

"It was quite shocking how quick it came down and there was a lot of traffic on that road.

"I didn't actually hear it, I could only see it, but afterwards local residents from up the road said it was quite a loud bang and they heard it.

"The police came about 10 to 15 minutes later and said it would be closed until later in the night."