THE leaders of a business group have called for a senior councillor to be removed from his post after slamming his performance.

The chair and vice-chair of the Wrexham Town Centre Forum have issued a scathing joint letter to the leader and chief executive of the local authority.

It follows them raising criticism regarding the track record of Cllr Terry Evans, Wrexham Council’s lead member for economy.

It includes claims that he fails to answer e-mails, lacks passion and doesn’t take interest in the views of businesses.

The row is partly understood to have been sparked after the Chirk South representative walked into Bank Street Coffee, run by the forum’s vice-chair Andy Gallanders, last week to confront him over comments he made on social media.

The remarks were in relation to delays installing social distancing signs in the town centre and triggered an argument, which took place in front of customers.

Mr Gallanders and forum chair Wayne Price of AMP Accounting said they did not believe Cllr Evans was the right person to aid the town’s post-coronavirus recovery following the disagreement.

They said: “We regretfully request that you consider the removal of councillor Terry Evans as the lead member for economy – economic development and regeneration.

“We simply have no confidence in him. This is an important time for the businesses of the town centre and needs a dynamic charismatic leader who does not shirk responsibility. Cllr Evans is not that person.

“We strongly believe that if he performed the same role within the commercial sector, he would have been under restored performance many years ago.

“We believe the town centre needs a council representative that can lead and is dynamic, energetic, vibrant, brimming with confidence, and full of ideas.”

They suggested the town’s economy would have a better chance of recovery if his executive board colleague Andrew Atkinson replaced him or Garden Village councillor Andy Williams.

Council leader Mark Pritchard said he had received the request and responded to the pair directly.

Cllr Evans said he would not be drawn on the criticism, but then fired back at them, before calling for traders and councillors to work together.

He said: “You’ve got to ask the question why no-one turns up at the forum meetings since they’ve been chair and vice-chair other than council officials.

“I went in to see Andy in the morning. I opened the door, he had two customers in there and he flew at me, so I just answered him back.

“He did exactly the same to the officer Amanda Davies (Town Centre Manager).

“I’ve been round the town this morning to see local traders and chat with them.

“It’s a difficult time and local traders and councillors need to work together.”