CALLS for ‘urgent action’ have been made as a busy Flintshire road is an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

Connah’s Quay councillor Bernie Attridge said ‘enough is enough’ and more needs to be done to control the traffic near Wepre Park.

The Leader has previously reported that cars parking on the road cause issues for nearby residents and motorists using the road and local councillors have been calling for action to be taken.

However, Cllr Attridge said despite the overflow carpark being open, motorists are still parking closer to the park and so a more permanent solution is needed.

He said: “I’ve been inundated with calls from residents who live close to the park who are getting blocked in. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

“I’m glad they listened and opened the car park and the overflow car park, but people are still parking on the side closest to the park.

“In my view, enough is enough, we need a permanent solution like a barrier. There are options for double yellow lines to keep the road free but that leaves problems for the people who live there and if they have any visitors.

“I’m all for the safety of pedestrians and children. I asked urgently for the gates to be open when the weather got better, and people were flocking there.”

Emergency services were called to a two-vehicle collision near Wepre Park shortly after 3.20pm on Wednesday.

Cllr Attridge says more solutions are needed to ensure safety of those enjoying the park.

He added: “We all know the park is our jewel in the crown as far as Connah’s Quay. People come from miles around, it’s absolutely fantastic and I for one want to protect it.

“I want generations of people to come and visit, it’s getting more popular, so we need to be looking at other ways like a barrier scheme.

“I believe that’s needed or even if a layby was made but at the minute, people are parking on both sides.

“It’s the biggest town in Flintshire, it’s a busy road and what didn’t help is the roadworks on the main A548 so for a time the B Road was being used as a rat run.

“For me, it’s looking at the bigger picture. It’s not going to get any better. We’ve opened all the car parks but for some reason people are still parking near the gates which is causing a serious problem for pedestrians and children crossing.

“It’s very worrying.”

A Flintshire Council spokesman said: "The car park at Wepre Park has been open since Saturday, 20 June and although demand for parking has been high, adequate parking has been available, which removes the need for drivers to park along Wepre Park. All accidents which result in serious injury are jointly investigated by North Wales Police and the council.

"The council has recently applied for planning permission to extend the car park within the park and this will be available all year round, once constructed.

"Enforcement Officers have been deployed on other work since the outbreak of the virus, including managing the closed car parks and the queues which formed at our Household Recycling Centres when they reopened earlier this month. A decision to recommence full enforcement activities will be made in the coming days."