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Gabrielle Davies is a newborn, family and wedding photographer with a studio based in Wrexham. Lockdown saw her business take an unexpected turn, which saw her able to give back to a cause close to her heart.

What is your most memorable or proudest moment in business?

My proudest moment is definitely being able to start my own business and go self employed at the age of 21, just four months after graduating from university back in 2016. Four months down the line my business took off so well I was able to open up my first studio in March 2017. Since then I have done a lot of charity work, using my open day and studio anniversaries as an opportunity to offer a fun day to families, raising thousands over that period.

Any strange requests or stories from customers?

Throughout lockdown I began to offer my doorstep back garden socially distanced sessions. I didn't do it intentionally and it wasn't planned to take off as well as it did. I am 90 per cent a studio photographer and only shoot outdoors when it comes to weddings or upon request. My journey on this one began as I wanted to create a capsule of my family who I was no longer able to visit. So whilst I would be out on my one hour daily exercise, I would walk my dog and capture images of my family stood on their doorsteps.

The Leader:

I posted these images online and it took off from there! A lot of people got in touch, and I decided to offer my services free of charge but for them to make a donation to my JustGiving WCD Young Carers Page if they wish. My recent sessions I have been donating £5 from each session to the Young Carers.

I began my work with WCD Young Carers of Wrexham back in 2018 and I am still working with them today, as it is a charity close to my heart being a carer myself for my mum and two younger brothers. My sister attends her group weekly with WCD Young Carers, which came to a halt when lockdown happened. Sian and Leanne, who run my sister Macy's group, have been absolutely incredible with the young carers, even throughout lockdown. They have set up a variety of virtual activities, group chats, competitions to win vouchers etc and all out of their own time - I cannot sing their praises enough for all they do, so my fundraiser is the least that I could offer in return.

In 2018 I held a confidence boosting day with some of the Young Carers where we arranged for them all to have a pamper day followed by a shoot at the studio. Myself, Leanne and Sian will be organising some more days similar using the funds raised from previous fun days at the studio.

Anything else we should know?

A lot of parents also got in touch as they were absolutely devastated that they had missed out on the precious moments of their newborn sessions that they had pre-booked or were going to book in with myself and no longer could.I began to offer outdoor socially distanced newborn sessions for my families too. I would send the client a list of items to gather if they could. Upon arrival I would direct the client on where to place baby on the blankets, how to carry out basic poses so that the session was safe, and then I would photograph baby at a two to three metre distance using only natural light.

The Leader:

The families so far have been so overjoyed and overwhelmed and can't believe that I have been able to offer these services that look exactly like they have been photographed in a studio, but have been pulled off outdoors and with me at a distance whilst directing and guiding them, no lighting or equipment involved. My studio will be opening back up in July for babies Cake Smash and small families, where I will be able to carry out the social distancing rules and appointment only. Sanitising stations upon arrival and around the premises, with use of masks and gloves available. The studio has always been very hygienic even before the pandemic, everything is sanitised and disinfected before each family arrive. All items used are washed after every use, and the posing bean bag has a protective layer of fabric which is also changed after every use.

One very happy customer was new mum Jasmine Tulk, who originally nominated Gabrielle.

She said: "I gave birth to our baby girl Esme on April 21 at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Due to lockdown one of the things that had upset me the most was knowing we were not going to be able to capture Esme as a newborn at a professional photoshoot.

"A few weeks passed and I had seen a few photographers in the Wrexham area capturing social distance doorstep shoots and thought this was amazing! Gabrielle then posted on her business page about doing social distance new born baby photo shoots and I jumped at the chance with Esme and my son Kobe, seven.

"Gabrielle booked us in and explained how the shoot would work. Two days later she sent over the images and I cried happy tears, they turned out amazing!

"I can't thank Gabrielle enough for her fantastic work she is incredibly talented and very professional.

Gabrielle Davies Photography

21A Chester Street, Wrexham LL13 8BG


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