A coronavirus adviser to the Welsh Government has said he supports a review of the country's five-mile travel restriction.

Dr Meirion Evans, a member of the government's Technical Advisory Group, also said the difference in risk posed by shortening social distancing rules "isn't very big".

Dr Evans, who works as a consultant epidemiologist for Public Health Wales, told S4C's Newyddion programme: "I'd like to see the guidance about how far you can travel changed.

"I believe it's more important that we consider what is the purpose of the journey and what people do when they arrive at the destination, than some measure of how far they travel."

He said the rule should be relaxed for "necessary" journeys like visiting family members, saying: "I believe it's important for society, and also making sure when you reach the destination you take care to keep away from other people."

But Dr Evans also said the risk of transmission posed between the current two-metre social distancing rule in place across the UK and a shorter one "wasn't very big".

The social distancing rule is written into law in Wales, and compels all employers to take "all reasonable measures" to make sure their workers keep two metres apart.

But the UK Government are currently reviewing the rule for England following criticism from businesses who say it would restrict their ability to trade while it is in place.

Dr Evans said: "The difference in risk between being within one metre and more than two metres away isn't very big."

He added: "It's a matter of deciding whether the fact there's a bit more risk through being closer to someone else is worth taking so to be able to do a lot more in terms of opening shops, opening schools and so on."

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: "The coronavirus lockdown measures in Wales are in place to help limit the spread of the virus.

"Ministers review all the restrictions in place at each review period - and then decide what, if anything, can be changed.

"Changes will only be made when it is safe to do so.

"Our focus is on helping to save lives."