A TEENAGER is gearing up for a massive charity challenge that will see he travel the length of Wales with her best friend on horseback.

Inspired by her mum, who completed the same route on horseback 17 years ago, Seren Parry is training for a mammoth challenge to ride from her family farm in Lixwm – near Holywell – to Tenby in South Wales.

Seren, 17, told the Leader: “I started being around horses properly since I was about two-years-old and just gone from there. I built up a bit of a yard for them and brought up horses at the family farm.

“I will be riding my horse Stripe, who I brought home last October from a friend down in Tenby, which is where I will be ending my ride. I got the idea for this challenge because my mum did the very same thing with her best friend Erica – that is who’s farm we are riding down to actually!”

Seren will also have another horse, Jerry, on standby should the challenge become too much for 14-year-old Stripe.

Accompanying the 17-year-old for every mile of this major feat will be her best friend Emily Jones – adding a further similarity to this journey inspired by her mum’s story.

She added: “Emily is just the same as me – crazy about horses! We have worked out that the journey will take us about 11 days. We are hoping to finish with a celebration on the Bank Holiday at the end of August down in Tenby.

“The horses have been following a strict fitness programme to get in the right shape for the ride. They have got regular physio sessions to make sur their muscles are reacting well

“Unfortunately, all the gyms are shut right now so I cannot go there to work out, but I have been going for runs and preparing myself to have a very sore bottom! I am also eating as good as I can to ensure I am also as fit as can possibly be come the challenge.”

Seren has chosen three charities that all have a special place in her heart to raise money for.

She said: “Obviously in these horrible times we are all going through now, this is just one thing I can do for others because I’ve chosen three really fabulous charities. The NHS is under so much pressure right now and people all over the country are putting themselves at risk so others can get better.

“I chose St Kentigern because they support my family when my Taid died so they are really close to all our hearts. And, now, they cannot open their charity shops or host fundraising events as planned so have lost a big chunk of the money they rely on to do this amazing work.

“I am also supporting the amazing work that The British Horse Society do to ensure horses get the proper welfare they deserve. I have been riding all my life and horses have been such a huge part of who I am, so it was a bit of a no brainer to support them.”

Of all monies raised, 50 per cent will go to St. Kentigern Hospice and the remaining half will be split between equally between the NHS Charities Together and The British Horse Society.

Seren and Emily will take on the challenge on August 21.

To donate, go to www.justgiving.com/fundraising/little-dragons-go-from-north-to-south.