A row of Victorian terraced houses looks set to be demolished despite objections from some Buckley residents.

Councillors will meet this week to discuss plans to knock down a block of four homes on Mold Road in the town.

The proposals would see up to 12 properties built in its place if the proposals put forward by applicant Anthony Parry get the go-ahead.

A total of 22 objections have been received against the scheme with concerns raised over the loss of the historic buildings, as well as the potential increase in traffic.

Local councillors have also voiced their opposition over the scale of the development, but it has been recommended for approval by Flintshire Council’s chief planning officer.

Andrew Farrow said the properties were not listed, while the authority’s highways department has not raised any issues regarding road safety.

In a report, he said: “Whilst objections have raised the loss of a historical asset and the harm this will cause on the character and appearance of the street scene, I must remind members that the terrace block is not a designated listed building or situated within a conservation area.

“Therefore the protection of this terrace does not have the same restrictions bestowed upon those on the historic register.

“It is however, acknowledged that the terrace block possesses architectural features of interest and this view is shared by the Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust who request a level 3 building survey to be undertaken prior to demolition, and a condition to address this is suggested accordingly.”

He added: “The highway authority notes that the application is in outline only, with all matters including access reserved. The principle of creating a new access off Mold Road is not opposed.”

Some elements of the proposals will not be submitted until a later date, but an indicative layout has been provided.

The application will be considered as the local authority holds its first ever virtual planning meeting on Wednesday, although members of the public will not be able to view the live proceedings.