MEET some of the region's newest arrivals, born during lockdown...

Thomas James David Roberts born on May 3, at Wrexham

Parents: Deryn Wakefield and James Roberts

Weight: 7lb 4oz

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Callie Rae Jones born on May 20 at Wrexham

Parents: Peter Jones and Tasmin Williams

Weight: 4lb 7oz

Siblings: Curtis, Leighton and Liam

“Callie Rae arrived three weeks and one day early.”

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Mila May Davies born on April 26 at

Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Parents: Katie Jones and Nathan Davies

Weight: 8lb 3.5oz

Siblings: Teagan and Brooke

“So grateful to the Wrexham maternity unit and the Brynteg community midwives. We we’re so looked after from the minute we arrived on to the maternity unit, until the minute we left. The community midwives were always on hand when needed prior to her arriving and their aftercare of myself and Mila was amazing when we came out of hospital. Thank you for everything.”

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David and Jayden Williams born on April 1 at Wrexham

Parents: Marie and Aaron Williams

Weight: 6lb 5oz and 6lb 1oz

“Twins born during lockdown. Managed to escape the next evening!”

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Eevee Lane born on June 3 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Parents: Hannah Livingston and Adam Lane

Weight: 7lb 5oz

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Ffion Coral Matthews born on May 28 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Parents: Chloe Boggis and Joshua Matthews

Weight: 6lb 15oz

Siblings: Evie Matthews

“Ffion was born via an emergency c-section at 9.24am.”

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Emily Nguyen born on April 19 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Parents: Nguyen Van Son and To Kim Xuyen

Weight: 2.7kg

Siblings: Tonny Panda

“It was a painful night but the next day was great. I would like to thank the hospital and the medical staff that day for helping me and Emily. I’m so happy.”

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Ali Lee Yarwood born on June 4 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Parents: Cat Thomas and Gary Yarwood

Weight: 8lbs 4oz

Siblings: Cora

“Ali Lee was born via c-section, and looked after by the amazing team on the Lawson Tait ward.”

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